The Impact of Washington on Eco Friendly Seattle Green Building Interest

Wide Open Mountains: The Impact of Washington on Eco Friendly Seattle Green Building Interest

Washington seems to be a breeding ground for those who are interested in changing the way that businesses interact with the planet.  Even the most famous coffee brand is eco friendly, with recycled cups and bags made out of either paper or plastic.

Nothing has impacted the business world quite as much as the Seattle Green Building projects, which were very popular and recognized in 2005 and served as an early outline for the interest in constructing a green building that, came behind them.

From Bellevue to Tacoma to Federal Way, the Seattle Green Building project laid the groundwork for many other companies to properly understand the easy sustainability that comes with solar power.  Solar power, or the ability of items to run just by using solar energy, is most often gathered by using solar panels.  These are large reflective square or rectangular shaped solar panels that draw the solar energy in and they also turn the solar energy into solar power.

Unsurprisingly, where there are green buildings, a green home or two can also be found.  Green homes include the ability to take the energy from the sun and turn it into power on a much smaller scale than what is needed for a Seattle Green Building. 

What Makes a Green Building Green?

There are many things that can classify a green building, and not all of them involve the sun’s energy.  A good example of a Seattle Green Building would be one that has light bulbs which are energy efficient, the ability to use the sun’s energy in a sustainable and useful way, and recycle bins. 

Other classifications of a Seattle Green Building are the ability to efficiently manage energy and water resources as well as material resources and waste.  A very important part of converting to a more eco friendly building is the analysis of the cost of each product. Some of the buildings are even built green, everything about them being earth-friendly and energy conserving from the light bulbs to the sky lights, which tend to be used more often than the light bulbs.

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